Anne Stine Fine Art

Artist, Teacher, Inspirer

9 am to 5 pm By appointment.

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About Anne Stine Fine Art:


I’m an artist, teacher, and inspirer living in western Loudoun County, Virginia. I believe in embracing the unpredictable and taking creative risks in my art. In sharing what I know to encourage others and it’s never too late to start living your dream.

My passion is mixed media encaustic art. Wielding a blowtorch (now you know why I’m in a garage studio), I move the wax into abstract images of landscapes, waterways and other natural scenes. The unpredictable nature of encaustic is what excites me to push the limits and discover new ways to express my vision.

You’ll see my work is full of vibrant color, rich textures and unexpected designs. Each painting is inspired by my love and awe of nature I hold deeply in my heart. Growing up in Virginia, my entire childhood was spent playing outdoors. I capture this childlike wonder in my paintings inviting the viewer to escape with me and meditate on the beauty of our natural world.


A native Northern Virginian, Anne began painting at a young age and developed a love of working with a variety of media. After a career in Arts Marketing, her passion for painting lead her to leave a conventional career and open her first creative business, Anne Stine Decorative Painting in 1999. For many years, she delighted residential and commercial clients with her murals until 2014 when she shifted her focus to original art work.

Anne concentrates primarily on the ancient wax based medium of encaustic paint (a molten beeswax mixed with resin and pigments) which she incorporates oils, pigmented shellac, vintage papers, textiles and salvaged found objects. The manipulation of the soft wax allows her to evoke a realistic element as she captures the beauty of nature through vivid color, rich texture and multiple transparent layers of wax.

Where Stine’s work has been exhibited: AiM Gallery, Middleburg; Tryst Gallery, Leesburg; The Gateway Gallery, Round Hill; ETC. Gallery, Round Hill; Everyday Elegance, Purcellville; 8 Chains Winery, Purcellville; Franklin Arts Center, Purcellville; Western Loudoun Artist Studio Tour 2016, 2017; Catoctin Holiday Art Tour 2016.

Anne lives in Purcellville, Virginia, with her husband and three children.


“Nature is always just outside our door inviting us to play. The precious time we spend in nature fills the soul with peace and a fresh perspective away from the distractions of the world. My art attempts to capture these moments and allows the viewer to slow down and take in the view and reconnect with the natural world.

The wild, unpredictable medium of encaustics (paint made of beeswax, damar resin and pigment) allows me to depict the intensity, fluidity and texture of nature. When heated to a high temperature; the fun is dripping, oozing, and torching the hot wax to uncover what it wishes to reveal. Rocks, trees and other natural imagery take shape through the creative dance of layering, reheating, and further manipulating the wax and adding mixed media. The finished painting is a representation of my ‘playdate’ with Nature - actual or imagined.”


Anne Stine




37949 Sayre Court
Purcellville, VA 20132


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