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About Bee’s Stained Glass, Virginia “Bee” Stumpf:

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Virginia “Bee” Stumpf

I finally bit the bullet and retired in February 2016 from the Federal government after 30+ years (I was an Advanced Orbital Analyst with the USAF)... Now my full time vocation is Stained and Fused glass…

I decided years ago that I needed something to balance out my life, something that let my creativity out, something to relax with…that’s where Stained Glass came in…

I took my very first Stained Glass Class back in 1988 thru a MWR at NSWC, Dahlgren, VA (don’t you just love military acronym’s!!!)...We had 5 people and one grinder!! I got very discouraged and decided to make a trip to “The Glass Market” in Richmond, VA, this is where I bought my first grinder (a grinder that I am still using to this day!!)...

Up to that point I had never been in a Stained Glass Studio before and was absolutely enthralled with all the colors of glass…and by what I was seeing in the glass…clouds, dragons, sunsets, the WOW!!… I was like a little kid in a candy store, I just couldn’t get enough.

Thus my travels into the world of Stained Glass began…travels that have taken me all over the US and England. I’ve always managed to find the local Stained Glass Studio’s to get my “fix”…

I began teaching Stained Glass thru the local Library in 1995…and this I continue to do in my own studio located just outside of Colonial Beach, VA. My own education in Stained Glass has evolved over the last 30+ years to include Fused Glass as well as the traditional Stained Glass techniques of Lead Came and Foil. I am always learning not just from other teachers but from my students as well..

My trip into Fused Glass started about 13 years ago with a class taken from a local artist in Chantilly, VA. Fused glass is created by merging 2 or more pieces of glass together at temperatures up to 1600 deg F and I now have 9 different sized kilns in order to create my art work…

I am inspired by what I see in the sheets of glass…and I try to make it so others can see it too… the clouds, the sunsets…the WOW!!

Glass is the perfect ADDICTION!!!

My travels in Stained Glass continue to this day…I just can’t get enough!!!


Virginia Stumpf




233 Longfield Rd
Colonial Beach, VA 22443


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