Mathews Deadrise Charters/Chapel Creek Oyster Co.

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About Mathews Deadrise Charters/Chapel Creek Oyster Co.:

Come and get away from it all as you enjoy a casual cruise aboard the “Helen Elizabeth”, our 34 ft. classic Chesapeake Bay Deadrise boat. Savor an authentic Chesapeake Bay experience with a local oyster farmer as your Captain. Take in the views of local river estates, historic homes, Chesapeake Bay wildlife, or beaches and lighthouses. Captain Trey is also a popular local Oyster Farmer, and his scrumptious Chapel Creek Oysters are featured in many of our areas finest restaurants from Mathews to Richmond, Virginia. He knows all about this fascinating mollusk, so go ahead and Shuck Um, Eat Um, and ask all the burning questions you have about oysters. Want to take a dozen or so home to shuck , oven roast, or grill? Let us know in advance and we can arrange that for you

Who are we?

We are a family run oyster farm located in Mathews, Virginia. Chapel Creek Oysters are grown in the
sheltered habitat of the Piankatank River in sight of the Chesapeake Bay. There are currently 400,000 oysters on our farm. I am often asked, “What made
you start an oyster farm?” The answer is simple, the oyster farm allows me to spend time with my kids, put in lots of time on the water and run an ecologically beneficial

Why choose our oysters?

Taste. They are delicious. Our oysters have a buttery mineral rich taste with a crisp light finish and just the right amount of salt. Our oysters’ umami , or savoriness, rates high among oyster lovers.

Sustainable. Shellfish aquaculture is sustainable. No fertilizers, feeds, herbicides, drugs, or chemicals are used in the farming ofour oysters. Our oysters are produced using only hatchery produced seed and are responsible for the production of billions of spat which can then go on to help repopulate the wild oyster in the Bay.

Ecological Beneficial.

¨ Oysters feed on microscopic plants which are overly abundant in the Chesapeake Bay, thus improving water quality.

¨ Oyster farming provides habitat for fish and improves species diversity. We are members of the Chesapeake Bay Oyster Shell recycling program; they use the shells to build reefs in the Bay.

¨ Oyster farming removes nitrogen. The nitrogen is removed when they are harvested. Oysters improve light penetration and reduce nitrogen which helps the Bay’s grasses recover.


Trey (James R.) Sowers




384 Turpin LN
Port Haywood, VA 23138


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