Application: Artists/Art Venues



Examples: Painters with watermen and/or Virginia Oyster subject matter; jewelers/sculptors and other craft artisans utilizing Virginia Oyster shells in their works; Production level artisans creating authentic Virginia Oyster collectibles

  • The artist is creating original works that specifically feature the Virginia Oyster on a consistent basis and as a main line of their media.
  • The artist’s studio has qualified as a business by presenting evidence of at least one of the following for approval: website; photo, maps, brochure, video or another expressed written method.
  • The artist’s studio may also provide demonstrations and/or workshops on their art.
  • The artist’s studio features 5 or fewer artists (including the owner of the studio). If more than 5 artists are featured, the site must upgrade to “venue”.


Examples: Locally-owned business where retail sales are made such as: galleries; retail shops; gift shops

  • The venue promotes original works and/or exhibitions featuring local artists who specifically feature the Virginia Oyster in their media.
  • The venue, gift shop and/or gallery prioritizes “American-made” with an emphasis on locally created art from the trail region. Shops with a strong product line of imports or crafts made from kits may not qualify.

$100 PER YEAR, plus a $50 one-time setup fee


Participation Statement:

I would like to participate in the Virginia Oyster Trail (VOT). I affirm that my business meets the VOT specific criteria for inclusion. I understand that my application submission does not guarantee participation on the Trail and that the VOT reserves the right to make the final determination acceptance based on my Virginia Oyster relevancy. I understand that a representative of the VOT may contact me to schedule a site prior to approval of my application. I agree to submit the applicable fees and further allow the VOT to use/publish information about my business, including images I post to my trail site profile page or from my website/print materials, in VOT promotions, online and in print. I understand that membership on the trail includes a one-time trail set up fee and renewable annual fee. I further am aware that participation on the Trail is a shared-responsibility and will do my part to ensure my online page and calendar entries are enticing and relevant. I understand that my trail sign is a free lease as long as I am an active member. By submitting this application, I hereby acknowledge that I am the owner of the above-referenced business or authorized by the owner to submit this information on behalf of the owner. Furthermore, once approved for membership, I indemnify and hold harmless the VOT, their affiliates, partners, officers, agents, and/or employees, and their members from and against any and all claims of any nature whatsoever, incurred during or, in relation to, my VOT membership (including without limitation, all liability, loss and costs). The information provided on this form is correct to the best of my knowledge.

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